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A-One Laminating Corp. is proud to offer Sunbrite® , the ONLY OEM quality headlining fabric that is available to the automotive aftermarket.  Produced by Glen Raven Inc. exclusively for A-One Laminating Corp., Sunbrite®  is manufactured using first quality foam in five different colors to assure consistent color matching.  Sunbrite®  offers 80 OEM original colors, and is manufactured 100% in the USA.  Sunbrite contains no seconds or cheap imported Chinese face fabrics.  Can your headlining supplier say the same?   

Our SunBrite headliner is the "number one replacement headliner" available on the market. SunBrite is known for reliable color consistency, metameric color matching, natural stain resistance and is original equipment manufacturer (OEM) color matched.

We are committed to supplying superior quality products that meet the tough demands of automotive manufacturers, and we work closely with our customers to support all tiers of their supply chain.

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